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In the summer of 2019, I was fortunate enough to have the most wonderful adventure becoming the first woman to stand up paddle (SUP) coast to coast from Liverpool to Goole.  I paddled 162 miles along the Leeds Liverpool Canal and Aire + Calder Navigation, picking up litter and raising money for the surf therapy charity The Wave Project and the 2MinuteBeachClean Foundation.


You can read more about it here and here and here

A featurette film (57 mins long) was released in February 2021 - Brave Enough - A Journey Home to Joy. This had been a creative labour of love between myself and the very talented film maker Frit Sarita Tam of Passion Fruit Pictures.

The film was screened online to four sold out screenings in spring 2021 and at Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Keswick Film Festival, Adventure Uncovered and Shextreme Film Festival. 

You can now buy or rent the film at home! Here is the link:

We are incredibly grateful for everyone's support of Brave Enough. Thank you! 

Here are some of the reviews of the Brave Enough - A Journey Home to Joy, from Anna Kessel, Cal Major and Liv Bolton. 


We look forward to sharing the film with you and escaping to the canals for an adventure on our doorstep! 

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