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"Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world"

Brene Brown 

Found At Sea

(1 minute)

Found at Sea was made especially for the Four Seasons Film Festival. It is about the joy of paddleboarding, doing a 2 minute beach clean + the healing power of the North Sea. 

The film has been shown at:

  • Selected for the Four Season Film Festival, March 2020 (cancelled due to Covid-19)

  • Screened as part of the 2 MinuteBeachClean Day interview June 2020

It won:

  • Four Seasons Festival One Minute Adventure Award

Finding Joy 

(2 minutes, 11 seconds)

Finding Joy is based on a poem I wrote about how the hills + sea (and 4 seconds of surfing in Wales!) of Yorkshire brought me home to my joy + sense of self after feeling very broken. 

The film has been shown at:

  • Feminista Film Festival November 2019, Soho London

  • Eden Escape Festival June 2019

  • Get Smart Festival September 2019, Bradford

  • Love Her Wild Adventure Weekend, August 2019

  • Meno + Me Wellbeing Festival, September 2019

  • Positive Pause Menopause Festival, October 2019

It won:

  • Get Smart Film Festival, Best Bradford Film

Small Things Great Love

(3 minutes, 49 seconds)

A film about picking up litter + trying to make a difference to the environment.

The film has been shown at:

  • Adventure Uncovered Film Festival Charity Fundraiser, October 2018, London

  • Wonderful Wild Women Birthday Festival, January 2019, Kendal

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