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A Conversation with Dr Adya Mistra - #ShePaddles Club Champion, Coach and On Planet Patrol Guardian

I'm thrilled to welcome Dr Adya Misra to The Joy of SUP Podcast. I discovered Adya on Twitter and love her passion for coaching other women in SUP + kayaking as well as her commitment to the environment. I also admire how she made a decision to change her research career so that she could incorporate SUP + coaching into her life. There are so many valuable lessons within Adya's story I am honoured to share it.

You can listen to Adya's podcast episode here.

Adya discovered the joy of being out on the water when she moved to Stockholm, Sweden and discovered kayaking in 2014. Being inside a research lab 24x7 left little free time to enjoy her new hobby, so a few years later she decided to change careers and get her weekends back. After kayaking for several years, and craving a challenge while living in a new city, Adya tried paddleboarding in 2019 in Ireland and a few months later bought her own board. She is a flat water kayak coach and loves leading small groups of paddlers at her local canoe club near Liverpool. In the soundbite clip she also shares her joy of paddling in the Liverpool Albert Docks.

Adya also blogs about her adventures at Gone Paddling, hoping to inspire other women with full time jobs to try paddlesports while incorporating safety advice for everyone. She is also a British Canoeing #shepaddles Club Champion hoping to improve representation of women at her local canoe club not just as members but in more leadership roles. We cover some really interesting topics around women in paddlesports from both a coaching and participation perspective. I found this really fascinating, in particular around technique and using our bodies in a more effective way.

With her paddling, blogging and #shepaddles work, Adya hopes to improve gender, ethnic and neuro-diversity in the paddlesports community. Right at the end of the podcast, Adya also shares her brilliant news with us having recently become a On Planet Patrol Community Guardian.

You can follow Adya on Twitter @DrAdyaMisra

  • You can follow her on Instagram @queenadya

  • Read her fabulous blog Gone Paddling.

  • Links here to find out more about British Canoeing and the #ShePaddles campaign and #ShePaddles Club Champions.

  • Read more about On Planet Patrol.

Photos copyright Dr Adya Misra Photo above credit Liverpool SUP Co

Adya talks about paddleboarding in the Albert Docks in Liverpool. You may love the episode with our guest Jayne Rigby from Liverpool SUP Co who teaches SUP there too! Just look for episode no 6 in Apple, Spotify or Stitcher.

You can listen to Adya's podcast episode here.

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. I love Adya's commitment to coaching other women and to the environment and how cool is she to change her career to incorporate both! If you have any questions, please do get in touch on Instagram is @thejoyofsuppodcast_ Follow #thejoyofsuppodcast on Twitter and Instagram Facebook TheJoyofSUPPodcast Website Wishing you sunshine and joy, thank you for listening, Jo x Please always put safety first and get the right advice for your training + body. Episode recorded December 2020 before Lockdown 3 in the UK.

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