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  • Jo Moseley

Platinum Magazine - The Joy and Health Benefits of SUP

Credit Steph Barnicoat - pictured on my Bluefinsups board Grace given to me in 2019

What an honour to be invited to write for Platinum Magazine - the inspired magazine for inspiring women aimed at women in their 40s and above. It is a beautiful publication and I was thrilled to write for them about finding joy on a paddleboard, the health benefits of SUP and why you are never too old to fulfil a new dream and it is not too late to start a new sport.

As some of you may know, I began SUP in 2016 in the Lake District because I had injured my knee and was looking for a sport that would help me heal, get stronger and bring back some of the joy I had lost being in pain. From the moment I stood up on my board I felt like a warrior not a worrier! I feel that every time I step on my board!

Quote on the front of the magazine - my sea therapy brings me joy!

In the article, I also talk about the health benefits of paddleboarding:

  • It is a low impact, full-body workout building your core strength and improve balance and mobility.

  • It is an accessible sport and many women find that after a lesson or two with a qualified instructor they are feeling confident.

  • Because it is so much fun you don't really notice the workout you are getting!

  • For anyone who has had a negative experience of sport at school or is not fond of gyms, it is a great way to start a new sport and fall in love with movement. It makes you feel good about yourself.

  • It is a very welcoming and supportive community. This is really helpful if you are going through some life changes such as divorce, empty nesting or bereavement.

  • It is something you can do with a friend, partner, sister or daughter to create a new hobby together.

  • Being on the water has been shown to be beneficial for our mental wellbeing as well as many physical benefits. Many guests on my podcast or those I have paddled with say their troubles seem to float away!

SUP has truly changed my life so much that I have written a book about beautiful places to paddleboard and you can order it directly from the publishers

Signing a few pre-orders at the publishers in Sheffield!

To find out more about Platinum magazine:

I'd love to hear if you try paddleboarding and please do get back to me if you have any questions. I'm always happy to help! Jo x


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