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  • Jo Moseley

The Joy of SUP - The Paddleboarding Sunshine Podcast

We are now in the countdown to the launch of my new joyful podcast - The Joy of SUP - the Paddleboarding Sunshine podcast.

It's a both terrifying and exciting, a steep learning curve and I am hugely grateful to my wonderful guests!

Let me tell you a little more...

The podcast is all about the joy of stand up paddleboarding.

I'll be sharing inspiring conversations with dream guests talking about all the health, happiness, friendship, purpose and possibility that SUP brings to our lives.

From world endurance record holders to SUP Yoga, SUP with a Pup to SUP Surf, we will hear uplifting stories and fantastic information to help you on your paddleboarding journey. We'll talk about body confidence, beach cleaning, blue health and the amazing charities that look after our canals, rivers and coastlines.

Why am I creating the podcast?

SUP has given me so much joy, confidence, courage and community since my first lesson in the Lake District in 2016 recovering from a knee injury. From the minute I stood up I felt like Wonderwoman! I was energised, uplifted, calm and for the first time in months I felt like a warrior not worrier.

In the summer of 2019, through thunderstorms, sunshine and rainbows, I became the first woman to paddle coast to coast across northern England, fundraising for The Wave Project and 2 MinuteBeachClean Foundation and picking up litter.

I have been in magazines, on the tv, radio and a guest on many podcasts, made two short award winning films about paddleboarding Found At Sea and Finding Joy and written many articles. I've been fortunate enough to speak at prestigious adventure festivals such as Kendal Mountain Festival and Alastair Humphreys' Night in Adventure.

Having experienced such happiness and wellbeing, my goal in launching the podcast is to shine a light on the brilliant stories in the paddleboarding community and to share valuable ideas with my audience.

It is both a thank you letter to everyone who has inspired, welcomed and encouraged me and a love letter to the wonderful sport.

At the heart of the podcast is the idea 'We rise by lifting others' and that's what I hope to do - to welcome, encourage and celebrate everyone in the paddleboarding community.

Whether someone is dipping their paddle in the water for the first time, wanting to explore new places or disciplines, or has years of paddleboarding memories, they will be so welcome and the podcast is for them!

I'm working hard behind the scenes and look forward to sharing more when we launch! I'll be writing a new blog soon thanking all the wonderful podcasters who have helped me get this far!

In the meantime, please do find us on @thejoyofsuppodcast_ on Instagram and follow the #thejoyofsuppodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Or email me if you have questions:


Please do get in touch! Jo x @healthyhappy50

The Joy of SUP - bringing paddleboarding sunshine to your world!

Photo credit: Charlotte Graham

Board: Bluefin

I am an Ambassdor for Bluefin SUP Boards


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