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  • Jo Moseley

A Conversation with Jayne Rigby of Liverpool SUP Co, SUP Fitness + with a Pup + Plastic Pollution

I'm thrilled to welcome Jayne Rigby of the Liverpool SUP Co. I met Jayne on Instagram and in 2019 had a coaching session on the Albert Docks in Liverpool with her. Her love for coaching and helping clients improve their understand of SUP, their technical ability and enjoyment shines through. With a background in marine conservation, Jayne is also very active in protecting the environment. Jayne also has a special member of her team, her Staffy Oscar, so we will be SUP-ing with a Pup!

You can listen to the podcast here:

Jayne is the founder, owner and Head Coach at Liverpool SUP Co in England. She is also a Strength & Conditoning Coach at The Liverpool Strength Company & a Yoga Teacher at the Liverpool Yoga Company. Coaching, teaching, helping are her job and her life.

As well as being a coach, she is also a Marine Conservationist & does her conservation work as a branch of the Liverpool SUP Company. With a BSc in Ocean Sciences (Zoology w/Marine Zoology) as well as a PGCert in Conservation Management, she studied the ocean and how important it is for us to protect and conserve our 'big blue'.

Jayne is also the regional rep in Liverpool for Surfers Against Sewage, organising beach cleans and paddle pick ups with On Planet Patrol, talk to schools and helping local businesses go plastic free and be more sustainable.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How we can build SUP fitness on the land if we can't get to the water - some great ideas for a home workout

  • How improving our technical skills will help us paddle longer, faster, stronger as recreational paddlers and get more enjoyment from our SUP and prevent injury

  • Warming up and cooling down after SUP

  • Founding and building a SUP business

  • Combining her purpose, joy and business to make a difference in the world

  • Her commitment to the oceans

  • How SUP helps us see ourselves as athletes and appreciate what our bodies can do

  • SUPping with a pup & how we can do that safely

  • The work of Surfers Against Sewage and On Planet Patrol

  • How going under a swing bridge on a paddleboard is actually a burpee!

  • A beautiful paddle in Loch Lomond

You can find Jayne on Instagram @liverpoolsupco and personally @jayne_riggers. On Twitter @liverpoolSUPCo On Facebook Liverpool SUP Co

We also mention Central SUP where she trained to become an instructor and Absolute Adventures in St Brelades Bay, Jersey. Jayne's SUP Surf board - her pocket rocket - is Starboard.

You can listen to Jayne's podcast here:

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did recording it. Jayne's passion for her clients, the sport and the oceans shine through. And of course the importance of Oscar her dog as she continues to build her business and Liverpool SUP Community. If you have any questions please get in touch! My email is and our Instagram is @thejoyofsuppodcast_. Follow #thejoyofsuppodcast on Twitter and Instagram too. On Facebook we are TheJoyofSUPPodcast. The website is Wishing you sunshine and joy and thank you for joining us. See you soon, Jo x Please always remember to put safety first and be responsible for getting the right advice for your training, body and where and how you SUP. This podcast can't replace professional advice. The podcast was recorded in December 2020 before Lockdown 3 in the UK.

All photos copyrighted and credit to Jayne Rigby.


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