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A Conversation with Heather Peacock - SUP Surfer, Juggling Motherhood + Work, Maui 2007 + Smoothies

I'm so thrilled to bring SUP surfer Heather Peacock to the podcast. I was so struck by her enthusiasm and zest for life on Instagram, I was keen to invite her to share her story.

Here is the link - just press here to listen to the wonderful conversation!

More about Heather:

Heather is a 44 year old SUP-surfer, mother of 2, wife to Chris, charity worker and lover of all things outdoors from Tynemouth in North East England where she's lived for the past 20 years. Her love for the sport developed from a chance meeting San Francisco in 2007, and she tells me that she's been hooked ever since... Professionally, Heather works in a small but very dedicated team for the North of England Children's Cancer Research charity where she's largely responsible for marketing and event support. Heather tells us how strength training has helped her performance in the sea and cycling. We also talk about how she fits paddleboarding into her busy life and learning to put her own needs higher up the priority list as a busy Mum. I think this will be something lots of us are interested in learning!

Heather likes cold water - the North Sea is particularly cold - and we talk about the mental health benefits of being in the sea. Having been around SUP for so long, Heather loves to see the sport and community really growing and how accessible it is. She gives us some great tips on taking your first lesson, the importance of safety especially in the sea and how to get into SUP surfing. She recently invested in a new SUP surf board from SmikSUP for which she and her daughter custom designed the artwork. You can see it on her Instagram now! Heather also loves doing a #2minutebeachclean and is often seen picking up the litter on her local beaches (Longsands and King Edwards Bay). She passionately believes in the power of the sea, the benefits of the outdoors, and helping others to 'dip their toe in the water' of stand up paddle boarding. It was an absolute joy to talk to Heather and learn from about SUP surfing. I feel so inspired by her enthusiasm and generosity. Here's to rising by lifting others and moments of joy with blackcurrant sunshine smoothies.

You can find Heather on Instagram at @heatherpea. Heather mentions her first board in 2008 from Naish. Surf Yonder is the surf school she speaks so highly of.

The book she mentions is called Option B by Sheryl Sandberg Thank you for listening! I do hope you enjoyed the podcast. If you have any questions or would like to suggest a guest please get in touch! My email is and our Instagram page is @thejoyofsuppodcast_ Follow #thejoyofsuppodcast on Twitter and Instagram @thejoyofsuppodcast_. The website is We are on Facebook at The Joy of SUP Podcast. Wishing sunshine and joy, please always put safety first and thank you for joining us. See you again soon. Jo x @thejoyofsuppodcast_

Listen to the podcast here:

Photo credits and copyright Heather Peacock

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