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  • Jo Moseley

Miss Out to Help Out! The 2MinuteBeachClean Eco School!

How are Agatha Christie, the National Lottery Community Fund and litter picking related? Let me tell you!

As I have written about before, beach cleaning has brought a huge amount of joy to my life over the last few years. Spending just two minutes each day to pick up litter wherever I am - in the hills, on the way to work, on the beach or on my paddleboard - has really contributed to my wellbeing.

Moving my body, being in the fresh air, trying to do something to make a difference in a world which can sometimes feel very confusing and saying thank you for all the joy that nature brings me.

I have also made a wonderful group of friends through the 2MinuteBeachFoundation, both online and in person on my coast to coast paddleboarding adventure in 2019.

Everyone was so very generous with my fundraising and I am thrilled that 4 new beach clean boards are in place across England and Scotland.

This year I was honoured to be invited to be an Ambassador for the 2MinuteBeachClean Foundation.

They recently received some fantastic news that the National Lottery Community Fund is supporting their Eco Beach School in Bude, which will help talk about the importance of looking after our beaches with children in Devon and Cornwall.

This is part of a partnership between the National Lottery and ITV and STV encouraging everyone to miss out on their favourite TV programmes and volunteer in their communities. There are some fantastic stories on the website and I would really recommend you take a look!

I was excited to be invited to share my volunteering and the TV programmes I miss to go and do my #2minutebeachcleans!

The video is below and here is my story. The TV programmes I love that I miss to litter pick are Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Poirot. I love watching them with my Dad and trying to second guess who did it!

Also, did you know that Agatha Christie was a surfer and had a board called Fred? I like to think she would encourage beach cleaning too!

Thank you to 2MinuteBeachClean Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund for inviting me to be part of this and I am so excited to see the Beach School in action one day!

Which TV programmes do you love and what would you miss out on to volunteer to your favourite project? I'd love to know, please do share! Jo x

Copyright of the above video is The National Lottery Community Fund.

Wearing my FINDRA beanie, neckwarmer, jacket and jumper in different photos. I am a proud Brand Ambassador for FINDRA. Some gifted, some I bought myself.

As a proud Brand Ambassador, my paddleboard is gifted from BluefinSUPBoards

Beach cleaning bag I bought from 2MinuteBeachClean


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